What are your rates?

I charge $75 per hour for Labor for all hand weeding, mulching, building garden beds, etc. I also offer onsite-consultation and design.

How long does it take to build a raised bed?
The answer is, it depends . . . for small beds anywhere from 1 to 6 hours. Factors involved in building a raised bed include: size, shape, surface of the bed, do we need to remove grass or amend the soil, do you wish to mulch around the bed, or install sod? Do you require a fence with a gate?

Where is your business located?
8759 Airport Road in Middleton. Map

What day(s)/time(s) are you available?
Mon-Sat by Appointment      Sun Closed

Can I do some of the labor?
Yes, you can hire me to do all of the labor or we can work together to complete your project.

How many times per year/month should I have you work on my garden or perennial bed?
That depends on your aesthetics and your budget. If you want your garden to be looking “picture perfect” all the time then 2-3 hours of maintenance per month is recommended for one mid-size perennial bed.  If you just want me to keep things “decent”: remove worst offending weeds, divide now and then, and pop in a few replacement plants as needed – then it might be just 2-3 times in a season. I also recommend scheduling one spring and one fall clean-up of 2-5 hours (depending on yard size). I can design a custom maintenance schedule that accommodates your needs and desires, whether is is weeding and pruning, fall bulb and mum planting, spring annuals planted, or incremental upgrades or additions to fit a scheduled payment plan.

When do I pay for your services?
If you hire me for a simple 1-hour design and maintenance consultation I expect payment at that time. For projects and ongoing maintenance we will agree on a schedule; if projects require a lot of materials, I may ask for a down payment up front with full payment at the completion of the project.

Do I need to be present when you are working in my yard?
No, you do not need to be present, but you are also welcome to watch the progress. You can leave the yard work to me!

How long will my perennial bed last?
All perennial beds need some weeding and removal of dead plant material every year. Depending on the growth rate of the plants, perennials need to be divided eventually (in 2-5 years). With proper installation, the amount of maintenance can be minimized.

I have little extra time, but I’d love to grow a few vegetables in my backyard – is it possible to have a low maintenance vegetable garden?
Yes! I specialize in low maintenance gardens. All gardens require some work, but with proper design the irrigation can be automated and weeding can be kept to a minimum.

How much do I need to learn to have and maintain an organic garden?
I can teach you the basics in a one hour “gardening crash course’ to get your garden up and running. While it is true there is always something new to learn in gardening, the best thing to do is just jump right in and try. Some plants will live, some will die, but each experience will teach you something new.

What kinds of services do you offer?
I offer organic vegetable garden and perennial bed design as well as landscape design services. You can hire me to design and build your garden from start to finish, or for DIYers I can put together a plan for you to implement. I also offer on-site consultation where I can help you plan, troubleshoot, and give custom advice while viewing your yard firsthand.

Who will be doing the work on my garden?
On most projects I personally do all the design and actual labor. On larger projects I may bring in some trusted help. I will treat your plants and your yard with the same care and hard work I put into my own gardens.

What is your method of payment?
I accept check or cash.

How do I get started?
Send an e-mail to theGreenGardenGal@gmail.com or call/text 608-421-2042. To help me address your specific goals and better answer your questions I may have you fill out my a design questionnaire. The more information I have about your goals are and what your personal aesthetics are, the better I can tailor my designs to you.