Calming and Supportive of Wildlife

Before: A blank slate.  The homeowner wanted color and texture, and as many native plants as possible.

New plantings:

After: A Relaxing retreat that supports numerous insects and birds

Make it Bloom Please!

BEFORE: Early spring – ornamental grasses just beginning to grow in back, empty space in front filling in with WEEDS!


Planting a mix of annuals and perennials . . .


Mid-season magic!


Lots of color please! Our customers really enjoy it!


Entry Makeover-Faux Stream Bed

Before: A Home needed the front entry spruced up . . .

AFTER: A faux riverbed took advantage of numerous gravel and rocks and saved the expense of removal.


A few years later . . . front beds transformation complete!


Transform the Jungle

Before: The client wanted less “jungley” and instead, a more restful garden experience:


AFTER: We went Zenish.  Low plants will fill in for a more lush look, but

keep the scale so as not to compete with the weeping japanese maple.



Circle of Life

BEFORE:The client’s lawncare person cleared and readied the circular and other beds, but felt he was not qualified to design them. The client wanted something updated, modern, and distinctive.


After: A year later in summer


An early spring picture of dried foliage left standing for winter interest.


How the beds look in spring:


Ahh Spring!



Some pro bono work:  

I designed a Children’s garden at the Cross Plains Library, complete with yellow brick road.

BEFORE: Just weeds


The volunteers, librarian, and myself worked to plant the garden, here’s a few volunteers at work.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road!


Curb Appeal:

In 2010 the owners asked me to do something to add a little pizzaz.  We mutually decided the place to work was the weird little triangle of grass – it was hard to mow in any case  . . .


Just after planting:


Seven years later – really filled in and looking lovely!


Picnic Paradise

A commercial location where this small square patch of land was just overrun with weeds next to the parking lot for a Take-Out Deli.  The billboard says it all – time to say “Goodbye”, weeds!


AFTER: The jungle is tamed and a lovely picnic area now exists for customer use!

Dr. Livingstone I presume?

BEFORE: Weeds out of control!  This homeowner needed help getting his front yard under control: please remove the weeds, but leave the prairie plants and add some color!