One of the (dare I say) follies, of many of us gardeners is the “lament of late spring” – namely the lack of blooms between the early spring bulbs and the summer perennials. One might even be tempted to feel that the bed is a tad boring during these “down-times”. Not true, not true say I – just look a little closer. As time has gone by, and my gardening horizons have expanded, I have learned to pay attention, and then to downright enjoy the simple foliage. The different shapes and colors can be appreciated best in all their subtle beauty when blossoms are lacking. When you spend time admiring your foliage you’ll notice the different shapes- tall and spiky, short and fluffy; the different colors – dusty to emerald; and different textures – pokey and needley or smooth and glossy. When mixed into the same flower bed, all these lovely forms combine together to keep your eye moving – nothing boring about it! Try designing with foliage in mind and you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy your garden’s supposed “downtime”!